Interpreters are human bridges – they are trained to carry ideas from one language to another, but without the right tools that message can crumble before it even begins.

Finding the right interpreter for your project begins with determining your needs. Will you be visiting an international conference where multiple languages will be spoken, or will you be hosting a face-to-face business meeting? Do you need an interpreter for a medical conference or someone to accompany you on a factory tour?

Language Pairs

Start by identifying which language pair(s) you require. For example, if you are traveling to China – do your clients speak Mandarin or Cantonese? A professional interpreter may be able to handle both, but advance notice of dialect or accents will make your assignment go more smoothly. 

Venue Location

When possible, using interpreters local to your venue location is always best. Not only do you save on travel and accommodation costs, but you have someone who is familiar with local customs and traditions at your side and who has your best interests in mind to protect you from needless complications.

Specialty Interpreters

The more technical your project is, the more important it is for the interpreter to be up to speed on the issues involved. Tell your Language Specialist what your project is about well in advance to make the process of choosing the right interpreter much easier.

If your interpreting project is a clinical trial you might be looking for a medical licensed interpreter, or if you are attending a conference on drones the interpreter should be provided with terminology, slides, speeches far in advance so they can prepare properly.

Benefits of a Language Specialist

Contacting one of our International Project Managers for your assignment offers many advantages. For one, they do all the leg work for you; they will find local interpreters that fit your needs, handle all the logistics, and take care of any issues should they arise.

With the right interpreter you are ensuring the investments you have already made are not wasted and reduce the risk to you and your business.

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Interpret Group - Hiring Interpreters for International Conferences 2
Interpret Group - Hiring Interpreters for International Conferences


Using on-demand local interpreters for international conferences

Learn the ins and outs of buying interpreting services for international conferences

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A global team with the right experience

Whatever your needs are, our team is here for you. We are distributed across four regions, with plentiful knowledge in a variety of industry backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge of the interpreting services market.  We believe in:

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Our International Project Managers are here to manage your entire project from start to finish.  Send us your interpreting event details for a fast and easy quote.