Escort interpreters are foreign language speaking expert linguists who assist their clients to communicate effectively in a foreign language and culture.

Escort interpreters, also known as travel interpreters, are cultural liaisons or assistants who guide a client while traveling in a foreign country. These types of interpreters are typically selected for informal settings and can be responsible for everything from touring around town to helping close a critical business deal.

When to use an escort interpreter

An escort interpreter is an important bridge between people that do not share a common language and is often used in the following settings:

  • Factory tours
  • International conferences
  • Meet-and-greets
  • Multi-million-dollar business deals
  • Trade missions / Study tours
  • Government meetings
  • What to look for when contracting an escort interpreter

    If an escort interpreter is right for your business needs, you want to make sure that your interpreter is not only an expert speaker of the local language, but also has an in-depth knowledge of the culture, customs and locations where you will be visiting. Here are 3 major things to look for.

    Professional Linguist

    Top escort interpreters have a deep knowledge of vocabulary and nuance in both the source and target languages. They are also able to speak the target language at the level of an educated native speaker and effectively interpret idioms, metaphors and meaning.

    Extensive Cultural Knowledge

    When hiring an escort interpreter, he or she should have a strong grasp on cultural norms and customs. This will help the interpreter better convey what a non-native speaker is trying to convey. A deep knowledge of local customs will help protect you from needless complications.

    Master of Location

    Since the escort interpreter is the client’s language assistant, he or she should have the know-how to get you around town. The interpreter can get you from the airport to your hotel, but can also schedule any meetings, and recommend various places to eat and even suggest good spots to visit.

    Looking for an escort interpreter or interpreting services for your next international project? Interpret Group has 20 years of experience helping clients find the right professional interpreters when and where they need them. Give us a call and we will help navigate any tricky logistics, so you don’t have to.

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    Interpret Group - Hiring Interpreters for International Conferences


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